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The National Archives' Learning Curve website internet links, resources, lessons, games, quizzes & interactivities.

This page is currently being restructured - the links shown below are active,
but are still being developed:

Modern European and World History
The First World War 1914-1918
Treaty of Versailles
League of Nations
Road to World War II
Russia 1917-1953
America 1918-1941 [Depression & New Deal]
Weimar Germany 1919-1933
Nazi Germany 1933-1945
World War II [Britain and World War II]
Middle East 1918-1973 [Aram Israeli conflict]
China 1900-1976
India 1900-1947
America 1941-1980 [USA - A Divided Union]
Great Britain 1945-1964
Cold War [SuperPower relations]

British Social and Economic History

Schools History Project

Wider-world to 1500
Medicine through Time
The American West
Crime and Punishment through Time
Industrial Revolution
Agricultural Revolution

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