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Causes and outbreak of war

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Explosive material

A diagram illustrating all the different causes of the First World War, clearly explaining the concept of the powder keg that was sparked by the assassination.

Submitted by Mr Davies

European Alliances

A colour map showing the European Alliances in 1914.  When printed out to make a colour OHP this is a really useful resource.  Can be used in conjunction with the two worksheets below.

Alliances card sort

Card sort to help students understand the Alliances at the beginning of WWI.  Statements have to be grouped according to country.

Submitted by A Finemess

Causes of WWI

In depth examination of the Causes of WWI.  Examines each of the main causes, together with significant individuals.

Submitted by A Finemess

Causes of WWI

A worksheet helping lower ability pupils research learn the causes of WWI.  Leads pupils through Militarism, Imperialism, Nationalism and the Alliances.

Pre-WWI colonies

Information about African colonies before World War I - coverage of where European Powers had colonies and of the tensions that helped lead to war.

Submitted by Dr. Brindle

European Alliances (blank) 130kb

A blank map to accompany the causes of WWI worksheet.  Pupils are asked to draw in the boundaries of the countries, and shade in the alliances.

Origins of WWI

Guides pupils through the long and short term causes of the First World War with relevance to a typical exam question.  Advice is given to help plan a successful answer.

Submitted by Mr Huggins

Origins of WWI

A simple worksheet that presents the chronology of events that led to the outbreak of WWI.

Sarajevo Police Report

Writing frame to help students create an accurate police report of the events in Sarajevo from the perspective of the driver.

 Submitted by Mr Higgins


Who wants to get top grade in History?  PowerPoint based quiz testing knowledge and understanding.

Submitted by A Finemess



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