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Who were the Ancient Greeks?
How do we use Ancient Greek ideas today?
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Ancient Greece From the splendid Snaith Primary School site, accessible and immediately useable information on the Ancient Greeks.  Clear and straightforward navigation.  First class!
The Ancient Greeks Lots of information for pupils to use and digest - including many pictures and some music (hence the long download time).  Well worth exploring.
Mythweb Dedicated to heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology.  Entertaining with material that is really accessible through the use of clear, colourful images.  See teacher page.
Ancient Greeks British Museum virtual tour Accessible site with clear navigation, offering resources and materials, together with a text based tour of the British Museum.
Ancient Greece ICT activities Site offering worksheets and resources relating to Ancient Greece.  Ready made ICT based history tasks make this ideal for use in class.
The Greeks Part of the splendid PBS site, this section provides information on the Ancient Greeks.  More suited as a teacher resource than for pupils though.
Educate the Children Superb ready prepared lessons, tied in exactly with the curriculum - Who were the Ancient Greeks?  and How do we use Ancient Greek ideas today?  Schemes & worksheets on offer.
The Greek Period Nicely presented information yet text heavy.  Just as with other topics on this easy to use site, further links available at the bottom of the page. A site packed with useful information covering history, mythology, art, culture and architecture.  Clear design would allow more able pupils to explore independently.
Early and Classical Greece For teachers, an excellent source of lesson ideas and plans relating to the Greeks.  Despite being US based, this site offers a great deal of use.
Ancient Greek World Extremely detailed site offering a wide range of information.  Due to the academic nature of the site and accompanying terminology, this is more an excellent resource for teachers than of direct use for pupils.
Exploring Ancient World Cultures Useful for teachers, this site offers explanations and information concerning Ancient Greece, together with further links, images and opinions.
Ancient Greeks Excellent information from the BBC History site.  Too text heavy and complicated for direct pupil use, but a really good source for teachers.


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