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What are we remembering on Remembrance day?
What was it like for children in the Second World War?
How has life changed since 1948?
Britain since 1930s Primary links


The Home Front Immediately accessible and entertaining materials on the Home Front including experiences of those involved. Perfect for use with pupils - a must visit and use site! Teacher notes available.
The Home Front A high quality online exhibition from the Public Record Office's Learning Curve.  Information with sources and interactive exercises relating to Britain and the Home Front - an enormous amount to explore.
Children of WWII


A BBC educational site and the quality shows - interesting and immediately usable for pupils.  Again, extremely useful in class, with some fantastic interactive elements.
London at war Brilliantly presented and organised site providing information about the blitz, life in London during WWII, together with material on children's experiences.  Probably most suitable for older pupils, but all will benefit!
Britain at war Useful site from Nettlesworth Primary School that presents relevant information in a really accessible format.  Could be very good in class. 
World War II 
from GCSE section
Extensive collection of links relating to all aspects of World War II - potentially useful for further research and information.
Britain since the 1930s 'cyberhunt' Engaging and beneficial exercise where pupils have to find answers to posed questions using chosen links on the Internet.
Peoples' Century Part of the Peoples century site that presents a timeline of the major events of the century.  Not immediately accessible to pupils, but an enormous amount of information.
The Passing of a Century A Thinkquest site that examines the main events of the 20th century.  An enormous amount to explore - can be researched in a number of different ways such as by searching or entering a specific year.





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