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BBC Roman History Site Created specifically for Primary School use, with an immense amount of useful information that allows pupils to explore and discover.
Information on the Romans Part of the historyonthenet site, this section provides easily accessible yet comprehensive information on the Romans.
The Romans in Sussex With a specific section from Primary use, this site offers some marvellous materials to use.  The themes provides detailed information about life at the time, backed up with stories and quizzes - together with some great images.
The Roman Period Nicely presented if text heavy information on the Roman Period.  A good summary with links to further materials available.
The Romans Extremely text heavy, but an excellent source of material and information.  Ideal for teachers to improve their knowledge a little.
Roman Empire Excellent information split into manageable sections.  Facts and information about all aspects of the Roman Empire together with useful links.
The Romans Part of the Camelot International Group's website, this is an extensive site with information pitched more for KS3 use, but an excellent source.
The Roman Empire A comprehensive site including interactive maps, descriptions and explanations.  The main page provides easy access to information about all characteristics of the Romans.
Rome Project Immediately accessible internet resource for pupils.  Clear navigation together with explained links.  A school site that is an excellent place to begin Roman research.
Forum Romanum (Thinkquest) An interactive exploration of the centre of Ancient Rome - the Forum.  High quality illustrations with detailed explanations and an interactive quiz.  
Forum Romanum
(D. Camden)
A well presented, informative site that is regularly updated.  The virtual tour of Rome is highly recommended!
Timeline: Ancient Rome Interesting and cleverly presented site providing a timeline for the Roman period.  One extensive page that is exhaustive - nevertheless, very practical information.
Roman History Timeline Not as comprehensive as the site above, but far more digestible for classroom use.  Pupils could be given a research task.  Already detailed, but promises to continue expanding.
Roman Britain The Roman Britain section of this general British History website provides clear and useful information
Daily Life in Ancient Rome A lively explanation of all aspects of daily life in Rome.  Good detail, but large amounts of text mean concentration is required! 
Roman History: Useful links Quite an extensive listing of sites that cover the Roman period.  Split into different sections, much can be found from this site - but the quality of listed sites varies enormously.  


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