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Why did Henry VIII marry six times?
Rich and poor in Tudor times
Exploration in Tudor times
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 General information
 Henry VIII and his six wives
 Rich and Poor in Tudor times
 Tudor exploration


The Tudors - general information
Tudor and Elizabethan times Further fantastic materials from Snaith Primary - excellent images together with accessible text.  Perfect for direct use by pupils.  Outstanding.
Tudor Times From Nettlesworth school, a section dedicated to the Tudors, full of useful information.  Well worth exploring for usable activities with pupils.
The Tudors From Wickham primary school, an overview of the Tudors, with a detailed paragraphs accompanied by some splendid images.
Tudor England A site that provides images, sources and information about the Tudors.  Well presented, although perhaps more suited to older pupils.
The Tudors From Historyonthenet, accessible information on the Tudors, covers many aspects of life.  Extremely useful materials for direct use or for research.
The Tudors Designed for secondary school use, there is an immense amount of use for primary schools as well here, whether as background or just for the pictures! From
The Tudors Too complicated for direct classroom use, this site offers a wealth of information about the Tudors.
Henry VIII and his six wives
The Tudors - Henry VIII A site packed full of useful and engaging information about the Tudors.  Divided in various sections that allows pupils to explore key questions.  See the animations of what happened to each wife or take the quiz...
Six wives of Henry VIII  Information - accompanied by high quality images that add further insight into Henry VIII's marriages - a really good overview
The six wives of Henry VIII Detailed investigation of each of Henry's wives.  Most appropriate for teachers, who can select information to use in class.  Excellent coverage.
Henry VIII and his six wives Factual and statistical information on each of Henry's wives, accompanied by some links to portraits.  Good for cross-referencing information.
Henry VIII and his six wives A very detailed examination, accompanied by excellent images.  Useful more as extension material for students.
Rich and poor in Tudor times
Life in Tudor times From Nettlesworth Primary, clear information about Tudor life - good background to aid understanding of life for the poor.
The poor in Tudor times Part of the Historyonthenet Tudor section, this page explains about the different types of 'poor'
Educatethechildren A complete scheme with lesson plans.  Not an online resource, but some excellent ideas for use in the classroom.  Lack of links show the problem for this section!  
Life in Tudor times From Nettlesworth Primary, clear information about Tudor life - good background to aid understanding of life for the poor.
Tudor exploration
Tudor ships and sailors Page from Nettlesworth Primary that explains about the English navy in Tudor times together with related important people and events. 
The Mary Rose A well organised website with links to materials for use in school, in particular the 'learning city' an incredible look at the Mary Rose - including a still under construction 3D viewable model (requiring Visiscape plugin). 
Sir Francis Drake From Snaith Primary, an exercise leading pupils through Drake's voyage around the world.  Pupils could be asked to find out specific information...  
from Year 8 section
Additional links relating to Early European Exploration - including famous explorers.


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