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Multiple Choice

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Multiple Choice quizzes

These are interactive self-marking multiple choice quizzes - choose one of the available answers!
Test your knowledge and understanding with these classic quizzes....

Topic: Suitable for Created by Questions
The USA in the 1920s
Not for Y7 No Yes Yes Yes
Mr Field 22
Weimar Germany
Miss Buxton 23
Thomas Becket
Mr Field 22
Winston Churchill
Mr Field 10
Christopher Columbus
Mr Field 15
Elizabeth I
Mr Field 20
Early overseas explorers
Mr Field 14
Harold Godwinson
Mr Field 18
Industrial Revolution
Mr Field 12
Textile Industry
(Industrial Revolution)
Mr Field 17
Mr Field 30
Cold War definitions
Mr Field 18
King John
Mr Field 16
Monarchs of England
Mr Field 14
Native Americans
Mr Field 30
Romans in Britain
Mr Field 17
Roman legacy
Mr Field 12
William Shakespeare
Mr Field 14
Mr Field 40
Terminology of history
Mr Field 20
Henry VIII & the Tudors
Mr Field 13
Name Henry VIII's six wives
Mr Field 6
Countdown to WWI
Mr Field 8
Outbreak of WWI
Mr Field 15
The Schlieffen Plan
Mr Field 16

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