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International Relations (1919-1939)
Useful revision activities
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International Relations
Revision activities
Internet link International Relations 1919-1945 from BBC Bitesize
Excellent online revision exercises with information and revision tests - covering seven key areas.  Also use their Flash based 'Road to War' activity.
Internet link Road to World War II from JohnDClare.net
One of many splendid revision sections on the site for international relations revision - also try the Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations sections.
Internet link The League of Nations from HistoryLearningSite
Detailed and comprehensive coverage of the League of Nations, together with hyperlinks to related information.  Ideal for revision.
Internet link Peace to war 1919-39 from Redruth school
One extensive webpage with an immense amount of information on.  Could be ideal to read through carefully and make notes from.
Internet link International Relations from this site
Additional useful internet links related to International Relations from 1919-1939 based in the GCSE section of this site.

Further links are available from the GCSE International Relations section

Interactive diagrams
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Revision games and quizzes
Penalty Shootout The Treaty of Versailles

Interactive games

Interactive quizzes

Walk the Plank
Walk the Plank

Historical Hoopshoot
Historical Hoop Shoot

How many can you put past the keeper?
Fling the Teacher Peace treaties after World War I
Can you fling the teacher?
Fling the Teacher The Road to War
Can you fling the teacher?
Fling the Teacher International Relations in the 1920s
Can you fling the teacher?
Walk the Plank Hitler and the origins of World War II
Can you make the teacher walk the plank?
Fling the Teacher International Relations in the 1930s
Can you fling the teacher?

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