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Medicine and Public Health through Time
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Medicine and Public Health
Revision activities
Internet link Interactive Medicine Resources from HistoryGCSE.org
Massive list of interactive revision aids for Medicine through Time - games, quizzes, interactive diagrams, useful links.  Fabulous - don't miss it!
Internet link Medicine Revision from HistoryGCSE.org
Fantastic revision guide for Medicine through Time.  Follow the link for one comprehensive page - could be printed out or used to make notes for revision.
Internet link Medicine through Time from BBC Bitesize
Ideal revision material from BBC Bitesize.  Covers many key areas for the topic with six revision units - good information although not overly challenging tests.
Internet link Medicine through Time from SchoolsHistory.org.uk
Excellent information covering Medicine through Time, broken up into accessible units with accompanying interactive quizzes - also newly updated revision page.
Internet link History of Medicine from HistoryStudyStop.co.uk
Detailed information through articles and related questions.  Quite extensive, and may be too text heavy for some, but certainly worth having a look at!
Internet link Exam revision from Passmores School History Department
Says it is for mock exams, but why not use this great information for the real thing?  Click the links on the side for key questions (and linked answers!).
Internet link Medicine through Time from The Earls High School
Easy to use and access revision materials.  Follow the links on the page to extensive information about Medicine.  Very useful indeed.
Internet link Medicine through Time from BBCi
More for learning during the course than actual revision this superbly presented and entertaining site provides a huge amount of detail.

Further links are available from the GCSE Medicine through Time section

Interactive diagrams
Prehistoric medicine
Why was there so little medical progress in prehistoric times?
Medicine the Ancient Egypt
What was Ancient Egyptian medicine like?
Medicine in Ancient Greece
What were the key factors of medicine in Ancient Greece?
Roman Public Health
Why was the Roman Empire a healthy place to live?
Roman Medicine
How part did the Romans play in the development of medicine?
Middle Ages
How did medicine change in Europe during the Middle Ages?
Medical Renaissance
What factors were involved in the Medical Renaissance?
The success of Koch
What factors led to the success of Robert Koch?
Pasteur and Koch
What were the factors in the development of germ theory?
Surgery and Infection
Antiseptic and aseptic surgery - what developments were made?
Blood transfusions
What are the important dates in the development of blood transfusions?
Nineteenth century medicine
What factors led to changes in medicine in the Nineteenth century?
Chance as a factor of progress
How important was the factor of 'chance' in medical progress?
Impact of war
In what ways has war helped in the development of medicine?
Interactive diagrams home page
Revision games and quizzes
Walk the Plank Famous figures from Medicine

Interactive games

Interactive quizzes

Walk the Plank
Walk the Plank

Historical Hoopshoot
Historical Hoop Shoot

Penalty Shootout
Penalty Shootout

Fling the Teacher
Fling the Teacher

Can you make the teacher walk the plank?
Historical Hangman Medicine through Time hangman
Can you save Henry VIII?
Walk the Plank Medicine in the Ancient World
Can you make the teacher walk the plank?
Fling the Teacher Medicine: the Four Humours
Can you fling the teacher?
Penalty Shootout Medieval Medicine
How many can you put past the keeper?
Fling the Teacher Renaissance Anatomy & Surgery
Can you fling the teacher?
Fling the Teacher Medicine: Public Health
Can you fling the teacher?
Fling the Teacher Medicine: Infectious disease
Can you fling the teacher?
Fling the Teacher Medicine through Time
Can you fling the teacher?

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