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The American West
Useful revision activities
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American West
Revision activities
Internet link The American West  from BBC Bitesize
Use the first four links from this BBC revision section - good, clear information followed by interactive exercises.  Short, sharp revision for the American West.
Internet link The American West from LearnHistory.org.uk
Excellent overview ideal for revision - read through the page and follow the links for detailed explanations.  Also use the linked games and resources.
Internet link The American West from Learn.co.uk
[Scroll down to the bottom of the page.]  Four useful online lessons providing bullet point information about the American West.  Explore these fully.
Internet link Custer and the Indians from HistoryStudyStop.co.uk
Covering a key area of the American West course, this site provides a useful overview with a timeline, 'who's who' and revision questions to consider.
Internet link The American West from TheHistoryChannel.co.uk
Produced by the same people who created the above site, this section offers good coverage of the Plains Indians and their eventual destruction.
Internet link American West links and resources from this site
Reviewed internet links together with downloadable resources - ideal for additional research or more in-depth revision.

Further links are available from the GCSE American West section

Interactive diagrams
Settling the American West
How did different groups of people change the American West?
Native North Americans
How accurate is the stereotype of the Native North Americans? (KS3 diagram)
Diagrams home page
Revision games and quizzes
Walk the Plank Native Americans

Interactive games

Interactive quizzes

Walk the Plank
Walk the Plank

Historical Hoopshoot
Historical Hoop Shoot

Penalty Shootout
Penalty Shootout

Can you make the teacher walk the plank?
Walk the Plank Early settlers in the American West
Can you make the teacher walk the plank?
Walk the Plank American West - the Plains wars
Can you make the teacher walk the plank?
Fling the Teacher Native Americans
Can you fling the teacher?
Historical Hangman Custer & the Battle of Little Bighorn
Hangman: can you save Henry VIII?
Historical Matching Pairs Native Americans Pairs game
How quickly can match up the connected pairs?
Historical Wordsearch Native Americans
How quickly can you find all the words?

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