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Brief History of Castles - summary Based on this website, it provides brief information on castles that allows pupils to progress onto the other sites listed here.
The Normans and Castle building Part of the history learning site.  Detailed information extremely beneficial for KS3 use.  Further information also available on castle features, terms and the decline.
Castles of Wales A well designed and presented site.  Clear images and maps together with extensive information and links, there is much of use here. 
The Kids' Castle A graphics intensive site that is extremely clear.  Pupils can click on different areas of the castle for more information and some great fun!  
Medieval Siege An excellent site that allows pupils to learn about life in a castle, and how a siege was won or lost.  Includes a great interactive trebuchet game! (Shockwave plugin required)
Castles of Britain Research link page from a larger site that allows pupils to investigate every element of castles.  An extremely useful starting point.
The Motte & Bailey Castle From the Norman Conquest School Site, a simple interactive picture that carefully explains the components of a Mottle & Bailey castle.
Castles on An extensive starting point for further research about castles around the world.  Some very useful links can be found with a small amount of research - shame about the ads.
Castle Builder A US site that leads pupils through information and research about medieval castles.  Excellent activity that is well paced and researched.
Tower of London A multimedia intensive site, but some excellent and stimulating material about the world's most famous castle. (Shockwave plugin required)
Castles on the Web Comprehensive collection of information and links about castles.  Advert heavy, but it is worth persisting as there is much of value here.
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