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King Henry VII

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King Henry VII Excellent text based summary of Henry VII from  Links to images and related Tudor England topics.
Henry VII Summary of Henry VII from  Brief overview together with an image.  A good place to start research.
Henry VII's genealogy  From the University of Hull royal genealogy pages, important dates relating to the life of Henry VII.  These are hyperlinked to allow further exploration.
Henry VII Very detailed information together with links to images relating to Henry VII from
Henry VII and the Wars of the Roses A summary of Henry VII accompanied by links relating to the Wars of the Roses.  Part of
Battle of Bosworth Field From, this page provides a well explained short summary of the main events related to the Battle of Bosworth.
Battle of Bosworth Good, brief summary of the background together with information on the actual battle.  Text is a little obscured by the colourful background though.
Bosworth Field Interesting perspective where the author takes you back to the actual battle, describing and helping you imagine what it was like during the battle.
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