Elizabeth I wanted a suitor but it couldnít be just anyone. He really had to be someone of the same religion as she didnít want anyone that would try to change her religion and that wouldnít cause an argument between the English and the Spanish as she was trying to find a fair balance.

Elizabeth I strongly considered five suitors:

      Philip II of Spain

††††† Eric of Sweden

††††† Lord Robert Dudley

††††† Archduke Charles

††††† Duke of Alencon

Philip II

Philip II was a strong Catholic. He had been married before to Elizabeth I half sister, the marriage didnít work very well and everyone came to know this and they became very unpopular.

Eric of Sweden

Elizabeth and her ministers gave him a lot of thought. He was Protestant he was very popular in the country and it was believed that Elizabeth had accepted his proposal there were medals made with him and Elizabeth on them.

Robert Dudley

It was believed that Elizabeth had fallen in love with one of her own subjects, they had been friends since they were children.

Archduke Charles

He was a possible candidate for several years. He was a catholic though and she was protestant.

Francis duke of Alencon

He was a serious contender for Elizabethís hand in marriage it seemed Elizabeth quite liked French men.

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