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Industrial Revolution Quizzes
Three quizzes to test your knowledge.

Sources lesson
For SEN pupils, an introduction to the revolution, followed by source analysis.

Industrial Revolution lesson
Summary followed by an investigation.
The Industrial Revolution

Resources available


Introduction to the Industrial Revolution From this site a lesson introducing pupils to the Industrial Revolution through the use of sources.  Higher ability pupils will complete this quickly.
Children in the Industrial Revolution A sub-section providing links and resources relating to the experiences of children in the Industrial Revolution
Inventions of the Industrial Revolution Part of the excellent BBC materials, a useful page to start investigating the Industrial Revolution with - explains about inventions linking to 'amazing animations' (according to Year 8!).
British History 1750-1900 The comprehensive internet encyclopaedia by Spartacus Education.  This links to the specific 'industrial revolution' section, so pupils need to select relevant links, such as the Textile Industry, the Railways or Engineers. 
Source material on the Industrial Revolution From the Modern History Sourcebook.  Excellent collection of resources and links related to the Industrial Revolution.  Covers the Revolution, the social & political effects and the literary response.
Industrial Revolution A particularly useful collection of information, illustrations and links related to the Industrial Revolution.  Written for a US history course, but about the British Industrial Revolution, this site is of great use as an introduction.
Industrial Revolution Links A collection of links related to the Industrial Revolution.  Different aspects of the Revolution are covered.  Worth further exploration, yet beware US and dead links!
Life of the Industrial Worker An interesting perspective, presenting the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the worker.  This site explains the difficulties faced.  Some difficult source material, but helpful information. 
Railway Transport From the National Power education site, this section summarises and explains the development of railways during and since the Industrial Revolution - well worth a look.


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