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Two-page worksheet showing the degree of the population increase between 1750-1900, possible reasons for this and the importance of the national census of 180, with a math activity.

Submitted by Ms Cox

Encyclopaedia entry

Using this worksheet and previous research pupils are guided to create their own encyclopaedia entry.  Literacy activity. 

Submitted by Miss Boughey

Working class

Source analysis exercise based on working class living conditions in the mid-1800s.  Four pages with written and cartoon sources - questions included.

Submitted by Mr Jones


What were conditional like for children working in nineteenth century factories?  Extensive sources with accompanying questions and tasks.

Submitted by Ms Giles

Child workers

Information and sources about child workers in the Industrial Revolution.  The resource below can be used to help students structure their answers.

Submitted by Mr Baker

Children worksheet

Guidelines and help to complete the above resource.  Includes table to complete and sentences starters for written task.

Submitted by Mr Baker

The coal industry

Information sheet about the Coal Industry - why was there a demand for coal?  What were the problems and solutions for the coal industry?

Submitted by Ms Topham

Impact of the Railways

Five page document with information and sources, together with in depth questions and final extended essay.  Designed as a Year 9 NC assessment task. 

Submitted by Mr Huggins

Impact of the Railways

Accompanying PowerPoint presentation that helps pupils identify key areas and then plan their extended essay. 

Submitted by Mr Huggins

Marking scheme

Mark scheme for the above assessment exercise, offering detailed guidance for national curriculum levels.

Submitted by Mr Huggins


Ready prepared test on the Industrial Revolution.  Basic short answer questions leading onto source analysis.

Submitted by Ms Giles








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