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Brief outline of the causes and events of World War II

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Germany after WWI

Three page worksheet helping pupils identify conditions in Germany and how these eventually contributed to the outbreak of war.

Submitted by Miss Knapper

Background to WWII

Information and tasks sheet that examines the legacy of WWI in relation to the causes of the Second World War.  A useful introductory exercise.


Worksheet providing information and sources related to policy of Appeasement.  Comprehension questions followed by a justification extension question.

Was appeasement a

Information and arguments to help pupils decide if appeasement was a terrible mistake.  Arguments need to be sorted into for and against, then pupils attempt questions and extension exercises.

Creating a speech

Designed to provide extra help for the extension tasks on the previous sheet, but can also be used independently.  Contains arguments and ideas to help pupils write a speech for both sides of the discussion.

Churchill guide

A frame to help lower ability pupils organised their ideas to create a speech for Churchill against appeasement.  Good for display.

Chamberlain guide

A frame to help lower ability pupils organised their ideas to create a speech for Chamberlain for appeasement.  Useful for display.

Causes of WWII

A brief exercise looking at the causes of World War II.  Pupils use a chronology of the late 1930s, fill in a map (I will upload it soon!) and then use these to reach conclusions.

How did Britain prepare?

Worksheet detailing the steps Britain took on the Home Front to prepare for was - covers construction of shelters and information about defences, evacuation and food.

Submitted by Miss Boughey

Chronology exercise

A 'mixed up' chronology of World War II.  Pupils are required to arrange the events in the correct order.

Battle of Britain

A four page booklet about the Battle of Britain.  Information, illustrations and diagrams mean this is a larger download.  Activities and extension work included

Submitted by Mr R. Huggins

Dads' Army

Three page worksheet with information on the Home Guard - sources and tasks included, covering the actions of the Dads' Army!

Submitted by Mr Yelland


Summary of the fight for Leningrad accompanied by relevant sources.  Role-play task asks pupils to take part in interview with a solider involved.

Submitted by Miss Gaynor

Atomic Bomb - why?

Why did they drop the bomb?  Overview together with suggested reasons why the atomic bomb was dropped.  Tasks included.

Submitted by Mrs Graham

Atomic Bomb - hw

Homework sheet to accompany the above resource. Information together with 10 comprehension questions.

Submitted by Mrs Graham

Events of WWII

An extremely detailed worksheet explaining the major events of the war, and why it was a world war.



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