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Welcome to the downloadable resources centre. This has been updated to allow quick, easy access to our resources kindly contributed by other teachers. There are now over 1,400 pages of resources available. See our frequently asked questions.

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Frequently asked resources questions

I'm having trouble downloading and / or printing a resource.

: Read the resource help page. The worksheets on the site are in .pdf format which means you need Adobe Acrobat installed. The PowerPoint presentations require Microsoft PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewer.

See more on the resource help page.

Help I cannot find the resources that I need!

: All the resources on this site have been contributed by teachers. Clearly any collection of resources will not be comprehensive. If need a specific resource - and you need it now - the best place to ask would be in the resources section of the History Teachers' Discussion board. It's free to register and post your requests - and it is a great community to be part of.

See more on the History Teachers' Discussion board section.

How do I submit a resource to

: Resources can be sent via e-mail - please see the details on the 'submit' page. Do note that there is an obvious limit to the file sizes that can be hosted on the site - multiple megabyte files are not really suitable.

See more information about sumitting resources.


You're useless - you haven't answered my question!

: Please see the 'help' section for additional questions, or use the feedback page to send in further queries.

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